What is QuickBooks Unwrapped?

Welcome to QuickBooks Unwrapped! What is it you ask? Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jonyce Bullock; I am a CPA with Squire & Company, PC, a CPA firm located in Orem, UT. I am also an Intuit Solution Provider and QuickBooks ProAdvisor. I work with small businesses using QuickBooks to help them “UNWRAP” the power of QuickBooks.

A very large majority of QuickBooks users see their product simply as a check register and possibly an Accounts Receivable module. They use less than 10% of the capabilities of QuickBooks. However, it is so much more than that!

Did you know with QuickBooks you can:
Track all of your contact information in one place – and integrate it with Microsoft Outlook
Track your inventory – by shelf and bin number
Link to your online webstore to process credit cards and record all sales transactions
Create custom reports
Pay your employees – and track all of your HR information
Schedule your employees jobs right inside of QuickBooks?

And that is only about 1% of the amazing features available in the family of QuickBooks Products.

How much time would unwrapping the power of QuickBooks save you?

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