Sending emails out of QuickBooks with less pizzazz than before?

QuickBooks now integrates with your Outlook to send emails to your customers. However, it sends the emails using what’s called Plain Text, which is code for “Boring” (i.e. Font “Consalas” Size “10.5”). While it offers the chance to attach other items to the email you send, it takes the appearance down to below-par.If you want to get the professional look back; follow these simple steps:

  • Make sure you are logged in as a user with full access and in single-user mode
  • Click Edit – Preferences
  • Select Send Forms
  • Click the My Preferences tab
  • Select QuickBooks E-mail in the “Send e-mail using” section

Now your emails will send in Font “Verdana” Size “10” and your customers will read the email and act instead of mistake it for junk email.

As a bonus, any invoices sent to a customer who is on discount terms with you will get a line below the body of the email that says “You are eligible for a discount of $XXX.XX if you pay in full by (Day), (Month) (Date).” This is beneficial for you because your clients see that right away and it gives them an incentive to pay sooner, which gets you your money faster.

Try Using An Alternate Email

Another problem it solves is that you can have QuickBooks send emails from instead of your direct email address. This allows you to have multiple people processing the emails with your customers juggling who the main contact person is at your office. They can all reply to accounting!

The same principles can be applied to sending Estimates, Statements, Sales Orders, Sales Receipts, Credit Memos, Purchase Orders, Reports, and Pay Stubs.

If you would like more information on customizing your QuickBooks, please contact us at 801-225-6900. We are happy to help!

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