Quickbooks Ecosystem: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit Me?

First of all, what is the Quickbooks Ecosystem? The QuickBooks EcoSystem refers to your QuickBooks software and all the apps connected with it. This ecosystem provides better functionality for your business. It exists to make your life easier. Many companies use apps to track valuable information like timesheets, project management, and inventory outside of QuickBooks, and then have the apps connect directly with their version of QuickBooks to automate data entry. Intuit does the same thing.

quickbooks ecosystem


How do I know which apps are best for me?

Intuit encourages the use of apps for better functionality through their app websites, which allow you to easily identify which apps are designed to work with either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop:

QuickBooks Online – https://apps.intuit.com

QuickBooks Desktop – https://desktop.apps.com/home

Intuit has a handy review system, so you can see if there are any potential issues before paying for and downloading your new apps.

Connecting your version of QuickBooks with the app is simple, although the processes differ depending on the version of Quickbooks you have.

QuickBooks Online

Within QuickBooks Online, you can select the apps tab on the left navigation bar and search for the app you would like to use. Just select the app, and click “Get App Now.” It will ask you for permission to connect the app to your QuickBooks file before proceeding with setup.

quickbooks ecosystem


QuickBooks Desktop

Most apps need to be downloaded prior to connecting with your QuickBooks Desktop. Depending on the app, some of them will need an open QuickBooks file to connect with, while others don’t require you to be logged into QuickBooks before opening the app. There should be a screen requesting access to QuickBooks that will list the name of the developer as well as the app name.

If you need recommendations or help with connecting an app to your QuickBooks, please contact Squire today at 801-225-6900. We are happy to help!

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