Issuing Credit Memos and Refunds in Quickbooks

You’re accustomed to money going in a certain direction, but sometimes you have to pay your customers. Here’s how to issue credit memos and refunds in QuickBooks. QuickBooks is very good at helping you get paid. It comes equipped with customizable invoice templates for billing customers and sales receipts for recording instant sales. QuickBooks supports… Read More

How Do You Track Jobs in Quickbooks?

Last month, we showed you how to start building a foundation for tracking jobs in QuickBooks. We explained that you can use the software’s jobs tools to track income and expenses for any related group of items and/or services (you can think of them as projects, if you prefer). We covered three elements of preparing… Read More

Polish Your Image: Customize QuickBooks’ Forms

The invoices and other forms you send to customers and vendors should reflect your company’s attention to detail, accuracy, and consistency. It’s time to customize forms.   Every opportunity you have to interact with your customers and vendors is critical. Whether it’s a phone call, an in-person connection, or an email, how you present yourself… Read More

Creating Product and Service Records in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is good at managing and tracking inventory – as long as you’ve created thorough product and service records.   When you first started your business, you might have been able to keep track of your merchandise by counting manually. But as you and your product list grew, this became impractical. You might have… Read More

Get Paid Faster Using QuickBooks

Are your customers slow about paying their invoices? QuickBooks can help accelerate your receivables so you can get paid faster.   Your company’s cash flow depends largely on how quickly your customers pay the invoices you’ve sent. And if you’re like most small businesses, those checks tend to dribble in close to—and after—the due date…. Read More

Getting Ready for Payroll in QuickBooks Online

Taking on your company’s payroll with QuickBooks Online? Knowing what you’re up against ahead of time will make your setup tasks much easier. Payroll is probably the most complex element of small business accounting. You are directly responsible to your employees, and you also have to make sure you’re handling everything related to benefits and… Read More

Working with Checks in QuickBooks

Online banking may get all the headlines, but a lot of small businesses still prefer paper checks. QuickBooks can accommodate them. “I don’t write checks anymore,” you hear a lot of people say these days. Debit cards, smartphone payment apps, and online banking have replaced the old paper checkbook for a lot of consumers. Why… Read More

Creating Item Records in QuickBooks

Accurate, thorough item records inform your customers and help you track inventory levels correctly. Whether you’re selling one-of-a-kind items or stocking dozens of the same kinds of products, you need to create records for each. When it comes time to create invoices or sales receipts, your careful work defining each type of item will: Ensure… Read More

Depositing Payments in QuickBooks: The Basics

Creating bank deposits manually can be a huge chore. QuickBooks simplifies this task. It may be satisfying to enter customer payments manually on a paper deposit slip, but it can also be tedious and time-consuming. Whether you accept cash, checks, or credit/debit cards, QuickBooks has tools that help you streamline the process of moving the funds… Read More

Customize QuickBooks’ Data, Make Better Business Decisions

QuickBooks simplifies and speeds up your daily accounting work, but you’re missing out on valuable insight if you don’t customize your report data. Do you remember why you started using QuickBooks? You may have simply wanted to produce sales forms and record payments electronically. Gradually, you expanded your use of the software, perhaps paying and tracking… Read More

Linking Bank Accounts and Credit Cards with QuickBooks Online

Many QuickBooks Online users spend hours every week manually inputting their bank and credit card transactions. Wouldn’t you like to save some time? There’s an easier and more efficient way to input transactions. Luckily, all you have to do is link your bank accounts and credit cards directly with QuickBooks Online. After your bank accounts… Read More

Is Your State Small Business Friendly?

Are you a small business owner? Do you know if your state is friendly to small businesses? Luckily, can easily let you know. recently released its 2012 Small Business survey. This survey evaluates each state based on topics that affect small businesses such as regulations, licensing, tax codes, and employment. Only four states… Read More

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