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Quickbooks Ecosystem: What Is It, and How Can It Benefit Me?

First of all, what is the Quickbooks Ecosystem? The QuickBooks EcoSystem refers to your QuickBooks software and all the apps connected with it. This ecosystem provides better functionality for your business. It exists to make your life easier. Many companies use apps to track valuable information like timesheets, project management, and inventory outside of QuickBooks, and then have the apps connect directly with their version of QuickBooks to automate data entry. Intuit does the same thing.

quickbooks ecosystem


How do I know which apps are best for me?

Intuit encourages the use of apps for better functionality through their app websites, which allow you to easily identify which apps are designed to work with either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop:

QuickBooks Online –

QuickBooks Desktop –

Intuit has a handy review system, so you can see if there are any potential issues before paying for and downloading your new apps.

Connecting your version of QuickBooks with the app is simple, although the processes differ depending on the version of Quickbooks you have.

QuickBooks Online

Within QuickBooks Online, you can select the apps tab on the left navigation bar and search for the app you would like to use. Just select the app, and click “Get App Now.” It will ask you for permission to connect the app to your QuickBooks file before proceeding with setup.

quickbooks ecosystem


QuickBooks Desktop

Most apps need to be downloaded prior to connecting with your QuickBooks Desktop. Depending on the app, some of them will need an open QuickBooks file to connect with, while others don’t require you to be logged into QuickBooks before opening the app. There should be a screen requesting access to QuickBooks that will list the name of the developer as well as the app name.

If you need recommendations or help with connecting an app to your QuickBooks, please contact Squire today at 801-225-6900. We are happy to help!

AIA Billing in Quickbooks Online

It’s always exciting to be awarded a construction project. Then come some big words: AIA billing required. If you are a QuickBooks Online user, it may cause some additional panic since you have never seen those words anywhere in your software. There’s no reason to worry though; there are plenty of tools to help you with AIA billing

What is AIA Billing?

AIA billing is a standardized method for billing construction projects. It uses progress billing, a percentage-of-completion method for accounting, and compares prior period invoices with current period invoices. It’s a popular method for billing because the information tracking and sign-offs make it easier to collect money from customers.

What makes it difficult?

AIA billing gets tricky following the first invoice because of all the information you need to track. Part of AIA billing requires approval from the architect, general contractor, or owner for each invoice (called an Application for Payment). Sometimes they will want you to adjust amounts billed or the percentage completed before they sign off. As such, the original Application for Payment and Continuation Sheet with schedule of values will not always match the finalized versions. This difference often requires updating the previous application sections when you are starting on a new invoice and while the previous invoice is in the approval process.

How can I make AIA billing easier?

Several apps that integrate with QuickBooks Online have AIA billing features. These apps include:

  • Knowify for Contractors
  • Corecon
  • RedTeam

Odds are, you might already be using one of the above apps for your other construction needs. All three apps track the information needed for progress billing along with job costs, estimates, and compliance documentation tracking. The focus of the app differs slightly between which kind of contractors it was primarily built for. For example, Knowify for Contractors focuses mainly on remodelers, residential contractors, and commercial subcontractors, while CoreCon focuses on general contractors, residential contractors, subcontractors, and engineering firms.

If you would like help figuring out which AIA billing app would work best for you, please contact our Squire Quickbooks ProAdvisors at 801-225-6900 or find us online at We have several specialists in the construction industry, and we are happy to help!

Making Sales Tax Easy with Avalara

Figuring out sales tax for your business can be frustrating. The massive changes in sales tax law caused by the South Dakota v. Wayfair ruling earlier this year have only complicated it more. Thankfully, Squire and Avalara are keeping on top of all the sales tax changes.

Avalara’s AvaTax helps with navigating tax rates and tax rules, and will even alert you if you need to start filing sales tax in a new state. Even if the sales tax rates change later (which they likely will), AvaTax will calculate the sales tax based on the current rate. It even connects with both Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online.


AvaTax could be the perfect solution for your sales tax needs. Connecting AvaTax to QuickBooks Desktop and Online is quick and easy. You can use the admin console to confirm in which states you need to file, put in any special sales tax rules that may apply to your business, and further customize AvaTax to your needs.

Entering an estimate, sales order, or invoice is a refreshing experience. After putting in all the necessary information, you’ll select AvaTax as the sales tax item and it will calculate the sales tax for you. No more having to look up sales tax codes and hoping you chose the right one! AvaTax uses geolocation to ensure the correct sales tax rate is used for your customers.

Have tax-exempt customers? No problem! AvaTax only requires some additional information setup within the customer details to allow it to recognize the tax-exempt status of that customer. Avalara also has a place within the admin console to keep track of important documentation such as tax exempt and resale certificates for those tax-exempt customers.

When you are ready to file your sales tax returns, you’ll find several helpful reports within the Avalara admin console. Sales tax is broken out by state and by jurisdiction, which is especially helpful in states that require local tax reconciliations on their tax returns. If you decide you don’t want to deal with the stress of filing your sales and use tax returns, Avalara Returns can file and pay the returns on your behalf.

We realize that not all companies will find this bundle to be their best possible option. However, if you are interested, Squire, Intuit and Avalara have an amazing deal, but only through January 31st, 2019. If you are still in search of a solution to your sales tax issues, Squire is diligently keeping up with the changing state tax tides and is here to help you through it.  Give our Sales Tax team a call at (801) 225-6900.


AvaTax + Enterprise Bundle:

  • Nearly Unlimited Transactions (100,000 per year!) – Up to $12,000 Per State Value!
  • Free State Registrations – $280 Per State Value!
  • 12 Sales Tax Returns Per Year – Up to $700 Per State Value!
  • *For home rule states (local —additional $400 for home rules (Alaska, Alabama, Louisiana, Colorado, and Arizona)

Only available for new QuickBooks Enterprise users at $400 per year per state.

Fill out our contact form to learn more about this great deal! Contact us at Squire if you have any questions by calling (801) 225-6900. We are happy to help!